Director: Esteban Ramirez

Production: Cinetel S.A

Country: Costa Rica

Language: Spanish

Genre: Drama

Year: 2014

Runtime: 90 min

Cast: Jorge Perugorría, Cuca Escribano, Maya Zapata, Roberto McLean, Gabriel Retes,Vinicio Rojas, Arnoldo Ramos, Leonardo Perucci, Sara Astica, Xinia Rubie,Michelle Jones, Bismark Méndez


Abigail enjoys an idyllic sensual life with soul mate/hubby Vincente on their small banana plantation when Irene, a beautiful young half-sister, shows up one day. The newly expanded family hits it off, splashing around in the ocean and exchanging stories of their parallel pasts. Meanwhile, globalism, in the form of a huge international oil conglomerate, threatens the beauty and tranquility of the region and, even worse, promises to play havoc with the local fishing and tourist economy. Vincente vigorously supports the grassroots resistance to this exploitation of the coastline. But when globalism jeopardizes his own livelihood, he quickly sells out. At the same time, his relationship to his wife’s half-sister ceases to be platonic while Abigail finds solace with a strange, silent fisherman whose constant brooding look somehow encompasses the whole history of colonialism.



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